Parajacks Alpacas


Playing the Winning Cards in a Growing Industry

Welcome to our farm

Parajacks Alpacas started with just a name and a lot of research on October 2, 2009.  We bought our farm and moved out to Argyle, Manitoba in January 2010.  Our first four alpacas arrived in July and two more in September, 2010.  After some ups and downs and many learning experiences, we continue to grow and learn!  Now it’s time to further our adventure.  We moved!  Our farm is now in Roblin, Ontario as of July, 2012. 

Alpaca farming is a great adventure, and a lifestyle we love.  There is nothing more peaceful then turning down the driveway in the peace and quiet of the country and seeing alpacas in the yard.  These timidly curious animals will make you laugh at their antics and are relaxing just to watch and listen to. 

If you have any questions regarding alpaca farming or just want to come visit us on the farm please feel free to contact us at